Courses Taught (Primary Instructor):


  • (PSC 533)  Public Policy Process (Marshall Univ.)
  • (PSC 542)  Poverty & Social Welfare Policy  (Marshall Univ.)
  • (PSC 554)  Administrative Organization & Behavior (Marshall Univ.)
  • (PSC 580)  Principles of Nonprofit Management (Marshall Univ.)
  • (PPA 585)  Internship in Public Policy & Administration (CSULB)
  • (PPA 590)  Special Topics: U.S. Social Welfare Policy (CSULB)
  • (PPA 597)  Directed Studies in Public Policy & Administration (CSULB)
  • (PSC 604)  Seminar in Data Analysis (Marshall Univ.)
  • (PPA 610) Seminar in Urban Affairs (CSULB)
  • (PSC 660)  Seminar in Public Policy Analysis (Marshall Univ.)
  • (PPA 670)  Policy Issue Analysis (CSULB)
  • (PPA 696)  Research Methods in Public Administration (CSULB)
  • (PPA 697)  Directed Research in Public Administration (CSULB)


  • (PSC 101)  American Government (Univ. of Kentucky)
  • (PSC 101)  American Political System (Saint Louis Univ.)
  • (PSC 104)  American Government (Marshall Univ.)
  • (PSC 202)  State & Local Government (Marshall Univ.)
  • (PSC 233)  Introduction to Public Policy (Marshall Univ.)
  • (PSC 300)  Research Methods (Saint Louis Univ.)
  • (PSC 311)  U.S. Social Welfare Policy (Marshall Univ.)
  • (PSC 333)  Introduction to Public Administration (Marshall Univ.)
  • (PSC 372)  Introduction to Political Analysis (Univ. of Kentucky)
  • (PSC 489)  Analysis of Public Policy (Univ. of Kentucky)

SYG Survey

Ethics Exercise

Racial Awareness Reading List

Urban Appalachia

Urban Poverty Slides

Race and Urban Poverty Reading List

Racial Awareness Reading List 2

Racial Awareness Reading List 3


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