Courses Taught (Primary Instructor):


  • (PSC 533)  Public Policy Process (Marshall)
  • (PSC 542)  Poverty & Social Welfare Policy  (Marshall)
  • (PSC 554)  Administrative Organization & Behavior (Marshall)
  • (PSC 580)  Principles of Nonprofit Management (Marshall)
  • (PPA 585)  Internship in Public Policy & Administration (CSULB)
  • (PPA 590)  Special Topics: U.S. Social Welfare Policy (CSULB)
  • (PPA 597)  Directed Studies in Public Policy & Administration (CSULB)
  • (PSC 604)  Seminar in Data Analysis (Marshall)
  • (PPA 610) Seminar in Urban Affairs (CSULB)
  • (PSC 660)  Seminar in Public Policy Analysis (Marshall)
  • (PPA 670)  Policy Issue Analysis (CSULB)
  • (PPA 696)  Research Methods in Public Administration (CSULB)
  • (PPA 697)  Directed Research in Public Administration (CSULB)


  • (PSC 101)  American Government (UK)
  • (PSC 101)  American Political System (SLU)
  • (PSC 104)  American Government & Politics (Marshall)
  • (PSC 202)  State & Local Government and Politics (Marshall)
  • (PSC 233)  Introduction to Public Policy (Marshall)
  • (PSC 300)  Research Methods (SLU)
  • (PSC 311)  Special Topics: U.S. Social Welfare Policy (Marshall)
  • (PSC 333)  Introduction to Public Administration (Marshall)
  • (PSC 372)  Introduction to Political Analysis (UK)
  • (PSC 489)  Analysis of Public Policy (UK)

SYG Survey

ARPA Article

ARPA Article #2

Ferguson Reflection

MPSA 2015 Table

Ethics Exercise

Breast Feeding Program Article

Evaluation Review Article


Racial Awareness Reading List

Tale of Three Candidates


Research Methods Introduction

Urban Appalachia


SNAP E-Government Interviews

CBA Benefits

CBA Costs

Cost-Benefit Ratio

Urban Poverty Slides

Policy Analysis Spring 2018

Suburban Poverty Welfare Paternalism Article

Race and Urban Poverty Reading List

Racial Awareness Reading List 2

Racial Awareness Reading List 3

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