Research Interests:

  • Social Policy Adoption & Administration
  • Administrative Contracting & Cross-Sector Governance
  • Street-Level Implementation & Administrative Discretion
  • Program Evaluation & Performance Management
  • Policy Innovation & Diffusion
  • Representative Bureaucracy
  • Urban Affairs & Metropolitics 
  • Race & Social Equity

Working Papers:

  • “Harnessing the Promise of Public-Private Partnerships: Lessons for State Contracting Reforms”
  • “Gender and City Management: Improving Social Welfare Administration?”
  • “Representative Dimensions of Employee Attitudes in Public and Nonprofit Agencies”
  • “Measuring City Council Professionalism: Examining Municipal Governments in California”
  • “Representative Bureaucracy and Executive Networks: Mayors and City Managers in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area”
  • “Intersectionality and the Social Construction of the Urban Poor: Implications for Social Welfare Policy and Administration”
  • “Privatization and Public Service Motivation: How Administrative Contracting Influences Attitudes Toward Serving the Public Good”
  • “E-Government in Social Service Provision: Promise and Equity Considerations”
  • “Immigrants, Elite Framing and Social Welfare Utilization: Latinos and SNAP uptake”

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